Why Choose Bardan

Bardan Cottage senior centres offer a stimulating, safe and supportive environment in which older people can gain independence, comfort and companionship.

Our staff genuinely care about every guest who comes into the centre and each guest is made to feel like an individual whose needs, likes and dislikes are considered a priority.

Our clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect and are made to feel welcome, cared for and included in every aspect of the day. With a person centred approach to caring, our guests are able to decide for themselves which activities they would like to partake in (if any) and are made to feel like they can go about their day as if they were in their own home.

Read our case studies and see how our clients have benefitted from attending our day care centres

Patricia came to Bardan Cottage in 2010 after her family had started to worry that she was becoming increasingly isolated and lonely during the day. Patricia’s family spent all of their evenings in Patricia’s home caring for her but as they worked during the day Patricia could often spend up to 16 hours on her own each day. The family sought an accessible solution that would help Patricia to remain independent whilst also receiving the companionship and support necessary to help avoid deterioration in her wellbeing …read more

We offer a caring, friendly & supportive environment with quality care in a relaxed setting

Guests of Bardan Cottage enjoy a relaxed, social atmosphere where high quality care is provided in a personalised manner. Each and every guest is treated with dignity and respect, individualism and compassion.

We promote independent living, wellbeing and early intervention

Elderly Day Care centres such as Bardan Cottage have been proven to help individuals to retain a sense of independence, to enable care and assessment in an informal environment, to eradicate the issues that can arise from isolation, and to allow them to live longer in their own homes.

We offer outcome focused activities that stimulate our guests and help keep their minds and bodies healthy

The wide range of activities on offer at Bardan Cottage have been designed to offer ways to keep our guests’ minds and bodies active, whilst allowing for some good-hearted fun at the same time by encouraging social interaction and participation.

We offer transport to & from home

With our door-to-door transport service, our guests’ day at Bardan begins right at their front door. From home to their “home-from-home”, guests have no need to rely on taxis or relatives as our specially-adapted vehicles will take them there and back in a breeze.

We provide nutritious restaurant quality meals

Offering a wide choice of nutritious meals every day, lovingly cooked by our experienced chefs, guests can sit down to enjoy a delicious three-course meal served in a bright & welcoming dining room where the atmosphere is perfect for socialising and relaxing.

We offer trips out including taking our guests to do their shopping

From trips to local landmarks, days out at the seaside, or just a trip to the shops to get the groceries, life at Bardan is about much more than just being indoors. Getting out and about is a fundamental part of the care provided at Bardan, providing new stimulating surroundings and creating new memories for our guests.

It is the perfect setting for elderly people to socialise, interact and improve their self-esteem

At Bardan Cottage our guests make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and enjoy a sociable environment where not only are they cared for, but they are truly valued. Each guest at Bardan feels a true sense of home-from-home from the minute they walk through the door.