Take a look at one of our sample menus, made from the freshest produce and cooked to restaurant standards

Here at Bardan Cottage we recognise that a nutritious, balanced diet is of utmost importance for our elderly guests to thrive and continue in good health.

Dining at Bardan Cottage, however, is about more than just the delicious food on offer. Dining at Bardan Cottage is an experience that our guests look forward to each time they come through the door. Our staff work together to create a truly enjoyable atmosphere that allows our guests to feel pampered, cared for, and as if they are having a grand day out at a restaurant with their friends.

Home cooked meals made fresh every day!

Our experienced chefs and catering team take great pride in the dishes they produce for our guests. Each meal is cooked from scratch that day, using fresh, local ingredients that have been chosen both for their taste and nutritional values.

A wide range of dining choices

As part of our person-centred approach to care, we recognise that every individual has individual tastes, likes, and dislikes. That’s why we offer a wide range of choices on our menu each day. Guests are free to choose from at least 4 options for each course, with our menu varying throughout the week, and according to the season.

Catering to individual care needs

At Bardan, each guest’s individual care needs are taken into account in everything we do. Whether our guests are fully independent, or require help with eating and choosing meals, our staff are there to making dining a pleasurable and stress-free experience. We use dining aids for dementia patients, including full colour picture menus, to help our guests feel more involved in the dining process, and can provide meals that cater to our guests’ specific meal requirements.

Special Occasions

We and our guests love any excuse to celebrate

Special birthdays and occasions are always recognised with a fanfare, and special days in the calendar bring with them special menus and themed dining, including Valentine’s feasts, Halloween parties, and of course, Christmas dinners!