Keeping You Informed with developments and schemes in your local area

As partners in caring for the older population in our local communities we feel a great importance in keeping our communities up to date with on-going initiatives and reports on improving the standards of independent living for the older members of our society.
In order to keep you in the loop with developments and schemes in your local area we have gathered together a number of resources and reports below and will be updating this page on a regular basis. You can also follow us on Facebook where we will be sharing practical advice for those in a caring capacity.


Transforming Your Care 2011

Department of Health report which highlighted the implications for health services as a result of the demands of a growing older population and which said too often the focus is on acute events and crises rather than providing the range of proactive and preventative support that can maintain the health and wellbeing of older people.

Queen’s University report on ageing

Asking if government policy was dealing effectively with a growing older population.

Access Research Knowledge (ARK)

Access Research Knowledge (ARK) report claiming jury is out on whether or not Northern Ireland is a good place to grow old.

Government Active Aging Strategy

Government Active Aging Strategy 2016-21 which states that: “Our vision is one of Northern Ireland being an age friendly region in which people, as they get older, are valued and supported to live actively to their fullest potential; with their rights respected and their dignity protected.

Commissioner for Older People:

Commissioner for Older People: The Commissioner and his team work on a number of different areas in order to safeguard and promote the interests of older people.

BSP & HASP Report

Belfast Strategic Partnership (BSP) and the Healthy Ageing Strategic Partnership (HASP) report which is an initial attempt to map loneliness and isolation amongst older people in Belfast

Belfast was the first city in Northern Ireland to join the World Health Organisation’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities.

An age-friendly city is one in which organisations work together to make sure the quality of life for people is enhanced as they age.

AgeNi Report examining government policy in Northern Ireland

Highlighting that many older people report that they lead vibrant, fulfilling, dignified, independent and engaged lives. However it says that picture of later life however, is in stark contrast to the later life experienced by many others here, with four in ten saying they struggle on their income, more than one in ten skipping meals to cut back on food costs, and the four in ten who report feeling lonely.

Achieving Better Outcomes for Older People AgeNi

In this report Achieving Better Outcomes for Older People AgeNi points out one of the biggest challenges facing the Northern Ireland government is how it will prepare and plan for an increasingly ageing population, at a time of significant financial pressures and competing demands for help and support.

Stormont Health Committee report

Stormont Health Committee report which looked at an element of TYC which reflected that “Community-based alternatives to residential care are increasing all the time, and there is a need to ensure that the availability and functioning of these is more widely known so that people can see the different styles of independent living that it is now possible to offer to older people, where the traditional response would have been to offer a residential placements….”