Some of the things our guests and their loved ones have to say about us

Case Studies

Jill & Robert

Bardan Cottage Dunmurry

Jill, who had been living with dementia for a number of years, was brought to Bardan Cottage by her loving husband Robert after consultations and assessment from her doctors and social care team. She was assessed as in need of quality interventional care that could help her to remain more in control of her own wellbeing.

Shortly before Jill was diagnosed she had asked her husband to promise never to put her in a nursing home and the couple had agreed that they would endeavour to live out the rest of their lives together in their own home for as long as was practically possible. Although determined to see through on this promise both Robert and Jill were struggling to cope with the long term practicalities of 24 hour care in their own home and Robert had started to worry about his wife’s deterioration. With this in mind he sought an accessible solution that would mean Jill could remain at home but could also receive quality care throughout the day, whilst also offering some respite for Robert.

Within Jill’s first few visits it became evident that Bardan’s expert and compassionate care was making a real difference to both her and her husband’s quality of life. Jill’s frequent visits to Bardan Cottage significantly helped with not only her physical, but also her mental wellbeing. The holistic and person-centred approach to care helped Jill to gain more independence while at the same time offering her husband the compassion and support he sorely required to continue to be able to care for his wife in their own home.


Bardan Cottage Newcastle

Patricia came to Bardan Cottage in 2010 after her family had started to worry that she was becoming increasingly isolated and lonely during the day. Patricia’s family spent all of their evenings in Patricia’s home caring for her but as they worked during the day Patricia could often spend up to 16 hours on her own each day. The family sought an accessible solution that would help Patricia to remain independent whilst also receiving the companionship and support necessary to help avoid deterioration in her wellbeing.

After consultations with Patricia’s care team it was decided that Bardan Cottage would offer a safe and welcoming environment in which Patricia could take back control of her own health and continue to prosper as a member of her local community.

After just a few visits to Bardan, Patricia’s family immediately noticed a distinct improvement not only in her health and wellbeing, but also in her general disposition. Patricia’s visits to Bardan clearly combated the negative effects of the isolation and loneliness she had been experiencing throughout the day. As opposed to being on her own, she was now enjoying the companionship of quality care staff and people of her generation who were in a similar position to her.

Patricia continued to visit Bardan Cottage frequently for many years and her family firmly believe that her life expectancy was significantly enhanced by the social interaction, dignity, respect, compassion and support that she received from Bardan’s dedicated care team.