Activities for Older People – Right in the Heart of Your Community

From the time our guests arrive at our elderly day care centres until the time they leave they are treated with respect and individuality, including the freedom to choose from numerous outcome-based activities such as arts & crafts, board games, cinema, gardening and computer lessons. Activities such as the ones on offer at Bardan not only offer companionship and enjoyment but are also proven to help stimulate the mind and increase our clients’ confidence, helping them to feel more capable and to increase their all round health and wellbeing.

With time for socialising, deliciously fresh home-cooked meals and snacks, regular entertainers and trips out to local sites, we offer a genuine home-from-home, quality care environment for our elderly guests of all ages and abilities.

At Bardan Cottage day care centres in Newcastle and Dunmurry each day is designed around making our clients feel comfortable, supported, included and safe.

Whether it be accompanying our clients to the supermarket or to make their errands, involving them in stimulating activities or simply keeping them company while they read a good book or chat to their new friends, our senior centres are a fantastic method of keeping our elderly people safe, entertained and socially active.

A Typical Day at Bardon Cottage Senior Activity & Social Centre

  • 8-9am: Clients arrive, or our Care staff pick them up at convenient arranged times at their homes using the centre’s own private cars, mini bus or local disabled access taxi.
  • 10am: Socialising over coffee, tea and fresh baked treats.
  • 11am: Trip out to local site of interest or shops, or a traditional entertainer will put on a show.
  • 1-2pm: Freshly home cooked dinner is served in the dining area followed by after dinner drinks in the lounge.
  • 2pm: Clients pick their area in the home to participate in their choice of activity, should it be arts and crafts, board games, TV or internet, making use of the quiet room and library or heading outside to enjoy or potter around in the garden.
  • 4.30pm: Clients are picked up or returned home by care staff using the centre’s private vehicles or local disabled access taxi.


Although we understand the importance of structured environments we also understand that each of our elderly guests have assessed needs which are individual to them and we can plan our guest’s days around those needs.

If there is something in particular that one of our clients loves to do we will endeavour to make that activity available and through continual consultation and partnership with our clients, their relatives and Care professionals we constantly thrive to make Bardan Cottage the best it can be for all involved.

For more information on the activities for the elderly that we provide at Bardan Cottage or to just have a chat with one of our friendly Care team then please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to help.