Some of the things our guests and their loved ones have to say about us


A fabulous establishment with staff that can’t do enough for their clients. To have peace of mind that my mother is being so well looked after on a daily basis means so much to our family. Thank you! Can’t praise Bardan Cottage enough.
Bardan cottage is excellent in every way. Can recommend it to anyone without reservation. 100% mark to all staff.
My husband has Alzheimer’s and was socially inhabited but since he has been attending Bardan he really has grown in confidence, he looks forward to going to the centre, the staff treat him with respect and also encourage him in conversation.
Bardan cottage couldn’t be better!
My husband has a big smile on his face when staff collect him to go to Bardan. I miss him when he goes but am happy to leave him in the care of such wonderful staff.
I live on my own therefore I look forward to the company of other people at Bardan cottage.
My mother is very happy at Bardan cottage. She looks forward to her three days there each week and enjoys chatting to the other clients. She keeps reminding us all how lovely the staff are to her. I see a great change in her since she started going there, many thanks.
I am very impressed by the staff and the respect and consideration towards us.
Bardan cottage goes above and beyond to meet my partner’s needs. He always looks forward to his day at Bardan. All staff are very king and caring.
Enjoyable! Excellent food! Staff superb!
Bardan cottage is a great place, my father enjoys going. I have taken my father to Bardan cottage a couple of times and left him in. The staff welcomed him and were very cheerful, I could have stayed myself. There is a great atmosphere which you can sense as soon as you enter the building. The staff are special and a day at Bardan Cottage makes a very big difference.
Really enjoy coming!
A great place. Will soon need a bigger building. Couldn’t do without it. The staff are brilliant, you are all lucky to have them.
I spend one day per week at Bardan Cottage & it is a happy place! Staff well chosen.
Just a note to say my mother loves going to Bardan cottage, it’s home to her now. We couldn’t manage without this wonderful facility.
I am writing on behalf of my sister. She is happy to be there and enjoying the company. It gives her an interest and she likes to be involved.
My wife has been attending bardan cottage for about two and half years. Both myself and my family are very pleased with the care they offer her. It is my view that they could not do any better. It is a wonderful centre!
My wife enjoys going to Bardan cottage. She enjoys all the help she gets from the staff. “Stimulation is the name of the game.”
My father enjoys the company he finds at Bardan Cottage and we as a family are grateful to all the staff members for fully integrating him into their community.