Our Facilities

The Layout of our Day Care Centre

As part of our commitment to encouraging independence, combating isolation and promoting early intervention, when deciding upon the layout and decoration of the centres careful consideration was given to the needs of older people in our community and people with dementia. Environment, lighting and orientation are some of the most important factors in ensuring that the design of our buildings helps to alleviate, rather than aggravate, the symptoms of our guests who suffer from dementia, poor eyesight, poor hearing and other conditions.

Our Facilities

Our building was designed to offer a stimulating, bright, yet peaceful environment for all our clients and has been split into 5 different areas to facilitate different activities and requirements. These areas are:

  • The wet activity room for outcome based activities such as arts & crafts
  • The dry activity room which doubles as our Cinema Room
  • The main lounge area for socialising and enjoying the company of fellow guests
  • The library (quiet room)
  • The main dining room
  • A beautiful garden with raised flower beds


Take a look through the pictures below to find out more about each area or contact us today and we will be happy to show you around.