About Us

Bardan Cottage Elderly Day Care Centres Newcastle & Dunmurry


Bardan are partners in caring for the older population in local communities, with 2 day care centres for the elderly based in Newcastle, County Down and Dunmurry, County Antrim. Bardan’s expertly trained staff work with primary care providers, families and individuals to provide quality care, support and early intervention in a safe and supportive environment.

Consistent with individual’s assessed needs, Bardan provide accessible, stimulating activity in a quality setting, right in the heart of your community, with the aim of encouraging independence, health & wellbeing and ultimately allowing for the older members of our communities to live longer in their own homes. By creating meaningful relationships, eradicating the negative effects that can come with isolation and loneliness, and providing support, not only to clients but also to their families, Bardan operates under a model of person-centred care designed to intervene early in order to avoid deterioration and offer a cost effective alternative to full-time residential or nursing care.

Our History

Liam Lavery and Peter Graham opened the doors of Bardan Cottage senior centre in Newcastle County Down in March 2011, followed by the Kingsway, Dunmurry day care centre in June 2015.

Emerging against the backdrop of a growing older population which is by its nature putting pressure on the hospital provision, Bardan’s aim has always been to promote independence and re-ablement in order to address this major growing issue. Liam and Peter identified the wider strategic need for a safe, supportive and stimulating environment for our older generations to receive individualised, outcome focused, quality interventional care that can reduce the strain placed upon individuals, families and local governments.

What Bardan Cottage Elderly Day Care Centre Has to Offer

Bardan Cottage senior centres offer a stimulating, safe and supportive environment in which older people can gain independence, comfort and companionship whilst being treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our staff genuinely care about every guest who comes into the centre and each guest is made to feel like an individual whose needs, likes and dislikes are considered a priority. Our clients feel welcome, cared for and included in every aspect of the day. With a person centred approach to caring, our guests are able to decide for themselves which activities they would like to partake in (if any) and are made to feel like they can go about their day as if they were in their own home.

Some of the benefits that our guests love about Bardan Cottage include:

  • We offer a caring, friendly & supportive environment with quality care in a relaxed setting
  • We promote independent living, wellbeing and early intervention
  • We offer outcome focused activities that stimulate our guests and help keep their minds and bodies healthy
  • We offer transport to & from home
  • We provide nutritious restaurant quality meals
  • We offer trips out including taking our guests to do their shopping
  • It is the perfect setting for elderly people to socialise, interact and improve their self-esteem